6 geek life lessons I learned from cute animals

cat1. Be curious about life and your geeky surroundings. There is so much geeky stuff for you to explore and inspire.










iamwhoiamdog2. Be your geek self. Let your colourful geek personality shine through. The only person stopping you from being wonderful geeky you, is you. Don’t be afraid to express your geek self in glorious fabulous geeky ways.









catty love3. Find time to be kind. Towards your geek self and other geeks. Treat yourself and others to your time and undivided attention. Let your geek self and other geeks know they are loved.











4. Let yourself be ok with eating healthy foods. Drink lots of water and cleanse yourself. It’s ok be a geek and to eat the greens!










5. At all cost, play video games and play them often. Dance to geeky music you love, swing on swing sets and run in the rain if you must. Let your inner geek child giggle and squish their toes in the soft earth of geek life.









6. Most importantly, don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously. Have fun and enjoy your geek life. No one else can do that for you!

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6 geek life lessons I learned from cute animals