5 easy tips on how to reduce stress

stressed hamster

Here are my tips on how to manage stress when you find yourself in a tizzy:

1. BREATH! Do it right now! You have no idea how often I have caught myself holding my breath. This is vital for not only reducing stress, but for staying alive.

2. Organize yourself. This is sound advice but is often harder to do than most realize. I always seem to have thoughts and ideas jotted everywhere on pieces of paper. My computer desktop is often in a state of constant chaos and I never seem to be able to find a pen when I need one. The more organized you are with your ideas and your physical space the better you will feel and in return, the less stressed you will feel.

3. Avoid red! Yes.. red! Don’t paint your walls red or have an over abundance of red near your work area. Red is an agitating color and can bring on feelings of anxiety. Try soothing colors like blues and greens. Your nerves will thank you.

4. Take time for you. I have been neglecting this one. From napping to a long hot shower to going out for a walk, anything that you enjoy doing and helps you to refocus is essential to your longevity. The more you do for yourself, the more you can do for others.

5. Read a good book! For me, this is tied into “taking time for you”. I get a lot of enjoyment from reading. Reading gives you a many vacation from your everyday. With books now on pretty much every device, it’s easy to download a good book and take off on a mini adventure. Grab your favorite drink, let it be a warm tea or a cold beer, find the right book for you and sit back and enjoy!

Aww.. You feeling better yet? I know I am!

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5 easy tips on how to reduce stress