Sunday Funny: Dogs behaving like humans edition

We love our dogs. Often we think of our dogs are people. Here are a few dogs acting exactly as we often see them. Check out what dogs can do just as well, if not maybe better, than us two legged folk.

Fashion isn’t just for the ladies.

Italian fashion

Looking cool is apparently easier to do than we originally thought.

dog with a pipe

Music heard with better hearing.

dog with earphones

They see me rolling, they hatin’…

dog in car

Quality time with the little one.

dad dog reading to pup

Damn snow…

dog snowplowing

Don’t talk to me before my coffee.

dog coffee

Soothing all the booboos.

pug with pacifier

Selfies for everydog!!!

dog selfie

Getting down to business.

dogs working

Trying hard to look their best for a hot date.

dog with hair

Pupstar life comes with many sacrifices.

pup star

Life has no limits.

pilot dog

What do you think?

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  1. I am wondering if you know the original author of the snow plowing dog. I work for a health organization and we would love to use it for one of our publications but need permissions.

    Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Sunday Funny: Dogs behaving like humans edition