Is Jared Leto Teasing the Next Joker Appearance?

Being clever with snapchat is always a giveaway

It may be in the cards for Jared Leto to reprise his role as Joker in another film. The star took to Snapchat and posted two Joker related pictures that’s left everyone wondering just what exactly is going on.

The first is the cover of The Killing Joke, the excellent animated movie. The second is a tooth supposedly belonging to the Joker. As the story goes Joker wears a grill because Batman knocked out his teeth, he keeps the tooth as a reminder of what Batman did to him.

Here are the snapchats:

This could a prelude to an announcement for the stand alone Batman movie or maybe even the Gotham City Sirens. Whatever it’s for, let’s hope we find out sooner rather than later.

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Is Jared Leto Teasing the Next Joker Appearance?