Dune Reboot Gets a Director

And the news is better than we could have hoped for

Back in November when Legendary Pictures bought the film and TV rights to Dune you just knew that something great was going to happen. That said, Dune is such an expansive and large world to take on you also knew that some amazing talent would have to be brought in to make it all work.

It seems we’re one step closer to that today with the announcement coming from Brian Herbert himself that Legendary have signed on Sicario and Arrival director Denis Villeneuve to helm the Dune Series project.

Details are still scarce however. We don’t know if this is a multi-movie deal or whether Legendary wants to get TV in to some degree but we do know is that this is for the film. Now that we have a name to do the directors seat, we’ll certainly know more soon.

Of course Villeneuve is currently busy in post-production of Blade Runner 2049 so we’re not likely to see him working on Dune until that’s done. Securing a director of this quality certainly bodes well for the Dune series and should start things off on the right foot.

There’s more to come!

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Dune Reboot Gets a Director