10 Unforgettable Movie Aliens

The movies have given us countless memories but it’s time to celebrate the aliens. Below you’ll find a list of some of our all time favorite alien characters that have been in film.

#1 Xenomorph from Alien / Aliens

It may not be the alien that started it all but it is the alien that will end it all. The Xenomorph from the Alien franchise is the stuff of literal nightmares. It can reproduce in mass numbers and is absolutely deadly. Probably scariest in the dead of space where your screams can't be heard.

#3 The Thing from, well, The Thing

Not much is known about the organism behind The Thing other than it's from another planet and it's a total badass. It prefers to hide in plain site, taking the form of another organism and spreading like a mutating virus. Simple concept but terrifying in execution, your best buddy could be a brain eating alien and you wouldn't even know it.

#4 The Yautja from The Predator

Sometimes also referred to as Hish-Qu-Ten or Xenopredators, the Yuatja are a predatory based sentient alien life form. Most known for their trophy hunting lifestyle, they've been known to hunt humans, Xenomorphs and other aliens. Technologically advanced the predators scour the galaxy for their next big hunt.

#5 Prawns from District 9

While it's not certain why this bipedal species came to colonize earth, it is known that they are very intelligent and quite strong. It has been observed that the prawn can rip the arms off a human and they can easily break weapons with their bare hands. It's been theorized that the vast majority of the earth population are "worker-class" drones, explaining why they were lost and ineffectual.

#6 Transformers

Regardless of whether you're on team Autobot or Decepticon, these robots in disguise from the planet Cybertron have made their way into our collective stories through movies, television, video games and books. With a host of memorable characters such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron you can't help but get caught up in the classic good guy vs bad guy lore.

#7 Arachnid (and other bugs) from Starship Troopers

The perfect invasion weapon. Massive in number, no remorse and millions of years of evolution to back them up. The Arachnids were originally believed to be mindless creatures, driven purely by instinct. That was until it was discovered that Brain Bugs and God Bugs helped to direct the soldiers in battle. The combination of intelligence and ruthlessness makes the Arachnid the perfect killing machine.

#8 The Abyss

Sometimes the aliens don't come from above. In The Abyss, the aliens are far bellow on the ocean floor and they've learned to manipulate their environment quite easily. Deep water pressure means nothing to them and they can control water in ways we couldn't imagine. Plus they had a giant spaceship down there!

#9 Cloverfield

The giant monster that invades New York in Cloverfield is the mother of all bad ass giant monsters. Standing 25 stories tall, roughly 250 to 300 feet, it's resistant to missiles, artillery shells and bombs with minimal injury. As if its massive size and strength wasn't enough, the beast is covered in dog-sized parasites which it sheds as a ground level attack force. This is not an alien you want landing on your planet folks.

#10 Na’vi from Avatar

Sometimes we're the aliens. As is the case in Avatar when humans invade the planet Pandora for its rich mineral and come upon the native population of Na'vi. The Na'vi are understandably upset about the aliens, humans in this case, tearing up their backyard. Rich in a natural culture the Na'vi stand nearly 10 feet tall and have a distinctive blue striped skin.

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10 Unforgettable Movie Aliens