Nerbanity.com is a collection of ideas brought together by people who are tired of reading the same old, boring, marketing spin that seems to be everywhere in the enthusiast website circles.

We’re not professional writers, nor are we tech journalists. We’re people who love geek and nerd culture. We love talking about gaming, movies, TV and tech. We can’t help but get excited about all of it and, more than anything, we want to share these passions with anyone and everyone.

Most of all, we want nerbanity.com to be a beacon of geek and nerdiness. Proof that if we work hard enough, if it’s honest and if it comes from a good place, we don’t need massive $$$ to start a great website.

We hope you’ll join us by commenting on the site, following us on Twitter or Facebook and maybe even contributing to Nerbanity.com yourself. We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy our little site.

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