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10 of the Best Let’s Play YouTube Channels

Has your favorite YouTuber gone crazy? Have they become stale and unwatchable? Are you looking for something new and fresh to watch? We've got just the list for you!

Here are some of the very best Let's Play YouTubers around, ranging from huge stars to up-and-comers.

New Vampire: The Masquerade Game Released

It's been years since we've seen much action coming from White Wolf but it seems the recent purchase from CCP Games to Paradox is finally starting to pay off. Not only did we get an announcement that a major game is in development under the Werewolf banner but today we've got two brand new games released. 

The first is set in Vampire: The Masquerade and the second is set in Mage the Ascension. Both are text based games with graphical elements and available on Steam, iTunes and Google Play

“In Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood you’re a young artist who wakes up at night to find you’re no longer human,” reads a statement. “Told entirely through an innovative mobile messaging perspective, We Eat Blood is a sharp, mature, and terrifying story about your first nights as unwilling predator and prey.”

In Mage the Ascension: Refuge you play a volunteer in a Syrian refugee camp who suddenly realizes that magic is real.

“Your actions and choices will have profound consequences on the world and people around you,” states the press release. “Safety or sacrifice? Let them in or build the wall? The choice is yours.”

Reviews of both games have been very positive and it's great to see this wonderful property being used again. We look forward to many more nights of playing vampires and mages. 

New Pokémon GO update may be enough to bring you back

In a clear move to rekindle some of the love lost from 2016, Niantic have released a giant update for Pokémon GO. 

Now available are 80 new Pokémon from second generation games including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and many more. On top of the 80 new Pokémon, Pokémon GO will also receive new evolutionary items and berries. These new evo items help players complete their Johto collections and the berries add a new level of play. 

Right now we're given two new berries, the Nanab Berry and the Pinap Berry. The Nanab Berry will slow the Pokémon down so it's less likely to run off while the Pinap Berry helps trainers by collecting twice the amount of candy on a catch. 

Further customization has also been added to the game, allowing your trainer to look a little more unique.  

While this updated may have omitted the biggest requested features such as mutiplayer and in-game trading, it's still a massive role out and may just be enough to drag people back.