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Ghost in the Shell Review Roundup

Welcome to the world of Scar-Jo and Hollywood Manga adaptations. We've put together a handful of reviews for Ghost in the Shell and while the news isn't all bad, it's not all great either. 

Enjoy the roundup. 

15 Not So Random Star Trek GIFS

Few movies or television shows have inspired the imagination more than Star Trek. And so today we dedicate a post to some great Star Trek GIFS in a not-so-random way. 


10 Must-Read Sci-Fi Classics

With so many great modern science fiction novels and movies it's easy to forget where we came from. With that in mind we've listed 10 sci-fi classics everyone should get to reading at some point.

Many of these are starting points to larger series so you can get lost in the larger story archs if you want to. Either way this should be a good starting point to hitting some of the classics of science fiction.

15 Doctor Who GIFS That Will Make You Smile

Everyone needs a smile now and then. Even more so, we need a Doctor Who smile to brighten our day. 

Here's a collection of Doctor Who GIFS that will make you smile and get through the day. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review Round Up

After decades of working on the Killzone series, developer Guerrilla Games releases their first entry into the FPS genre with Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

An open world, sci-fi epic adventure, the game sees you hunting giant robotic beasts and completing quests. Let's see how it scored around the web. 

10 Unforgettable Movie Aliens

The movies have given us countless memories but it's time to celebrate the aliens. Below you'll find a list of some of our all time favorite alien characters that have been in film.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review Roundup

More Alice, more Umbrella Corporation, more killer zombies and even more jump scares. Welcome to the new Resident Evil: The final Chapter. 

Here's a quick review roundup we did of the movie. You'll see that it fair well with everyone but it could still prove to be a worthwhile watch if you're a fan of the series. 

New Episode VII deleted scene shows Chewie ripping off an arm


In this newly released deleted scene from Episode VII we get this interesting scene of Chewie coming to the rescue and ripping off Unkar Plutt's arm. 

This is really interesting in that we get to see the Wookie do what Wookies do best and it was certainly a darker scene for the movie.